History of THOMSON


Elihu Thomson

Who are we?

THOMSON provides consumers with technology & innovation for home entertainment & home comfort. THOMSON consumer products include TVs, digital set top boxes, AV equipment, accessories, home telephones, LCD monitors, digital imaging, home health care products, lighting, home automation and household appliances/systems. The THOMSON brand has been associated with landmark contributions to the world of entertainment and consumer electronics. THOMSON is a leading world-wide brand, well-known for innovative, high quality products manufactured with the newest technologies. By leveraging the power of the THOMSON brand and its profound experience and know-how, customers can enjoy reliable, high-end products for all market needs. Fashionable products with attitude, a variety of comfortable standard features and stylish ergonomic design characterize the different range of products for different markets.
As technologies continue to rapidly advance, the THOMSON brand remains at the forefront of providing superior products and services for consumers.


Technicolor logo

Important note

The THOMSON Group has now been renamed Technicolor. Therefore former ‘Thomson Connect’ products (gateways, set-top-boxes, software platforms) sold to Operators and Network Service Providers now fall under the Technicolor Brand.



Key dates

1st live transmission of a radio program 1st patents for radar technologies

Eurovision broadcast of the coronation for Queen Elizabeth 1st SECAM colour broadcast during the Grenoble 1968 Winter Games

Contributor to the 1st European HDTV standard 1st HD-MAC broadcast during the 1992 summer Olympics 1st digital satellite system with DIRECTV Co-developer of the MP3 standard

1st internet-based TV & leader of IPTV platforms, middleware & applications
Leader in advanced AV compression technologies (MPEG-2/4, mp3, mp3HD), digital decoders, digital TV & video standards, flat screen technologies.

A Thomson short story

THOMSON delivers innovative and reliable technology that has been entertaining families for over 120 years. Consumers throughout the world depend on THOMSON to provide products and services that feature the latest technology and design, are easy to use, and deliver the highest value and longevity.

It’s no wonder generations of families continue to depend on THOMSON for their home entertainment and lifestyle.