• Telephony by Thomson

    In 2015, Thomson launches two new products : Conecto 300 and Serea 405.

    Conecto 300 is a combination of a home phone and a medallion allowing you to make and receive calls at home.

    Serea 405 is a simple  smartphone endows with many features with its colorful touch screen and large keys.

    Each equipped with a SOS button, they will allow you to directly contact your favorite saved numbers in case of emergency.

    Discover ours news videos : Conecto 300 Serea 405

  • DECT Telephone neo retro
    Conecto 300
    DECT Telephone neo retro

    The combination between a home phone and a medallion which allows to call and receive calls anywhere, anytime at home.

    Conecto 300, the home phone, takes care of you

  • Smartphone dual core 5.3"
    Tlink 535
    Smartphone dual core 5.3"

    An easy to use smartphone. It attracts with its colorful touch screen and its direct easy access keys.

    Serea 405, specially designed for you.

  • Telephone messaging
    Tlink 28
    Telephone messaging

    The mobile phone that allows you to send a text message along with pictures taken from the phone.